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InstallShield Professional 2009

A Powerful and Easy-to-Use Installation Solution
InstallShield Professional Edition is a powerful yet easy-to-use solution, ideal for both novice and seasoned installation developers. While most homegrown installation tools are not optimized for current industry standards, InstallShield Professional makes your life easy by letting you take advantage of latest technologies—including full support for Windows Vista.

Using InstallShield Professional Edition, developers can:

Reduce development time — Quickly and easily build your installations by moving pieces of an existing project (dialogs, custom actions, or features) to another installation project; create and manage re-usable project outlines so you don't have to start your installations from scratch

Easily customize your installations — Modify the layout of existing end-user dialogs or create new ones for each language your installation supports; manage multiple product versions, allowing specific features to be included in a release via user-defined flags; and much more

Better control your installations with InstallScript — Add InstallScript custom actions to your MSI projects or create InstallScript projects that control your entire installation
Get advanced support for latest technologies — Windows Vista, .NET Framework 3.5, IIS 7.0, SQL Server 2005, Windows Server 2008, Direct X 9.0c, Windows Mobile platforms, and more; edit XML files; and add 64-bit support to your installations

Validate your installations for Windows Vista
Easily test your installations for Windows Vista compatibility
Applying for Windows Vista certification? Save time and money by validating full projects and merge modules to ensure compliance with extensive "Certified for Windows Vista" program guidelines before you apply

InstallShield Premier 2009

The World’s Most Powerful Installation Authoring Tool – Period
InstallShield is the industry-standard tool for ensuring that your Windows software products are correctly installed, configured, updated, and eventually uninstalled on your customers' systems. The top-tier InstallShield Premier is the most powerful, capable, and widely-used edition among installation developers worldwide.

With support for the latest technologies, significant performance and quality improvements, and functionality that lets you fully leverage the capabilities of Windows Vista, InstallShield Premier is the most robust Edition ever.

InstallShield Premier Edition gives you all the capabilities of our Profession Edition, plus tons of exclusive functionality, including:

Avoid common installation issues—Validators in the InstallShield Best Practices Validation Suite alert you if your installation violates any best practices guidelines

Maintain a clean build system—With the stand alone build engine, you can use only the part of InstallShield that compiles installations

Improve your end user's experience - with refreshed end-user dialog designs

Easily convert legacy installations into MSI packages—with InstallShield Repackager

Localize your installation—InstallShield's multilingual support lets you create installations for 35 runtime languages from one installation project

Quickly roll out new installations—With network repositories, it's now easy to build a repository of common elements that multiple installation authors can access and reuse in projects

Create trial versions without modifying code—With the try-and-die type of trialware's simple configuration changes, you can easily offer potential customers a fully functional trial version of your product (After the predetermined trial limit has been reached on an end user's machine, the trial version automatically expires.)

Save time with four InstallShield MSI Tools—Four new InstallShield MSI tools save you time and effort by providing a rich UI for common troubleshooting tasks

Add revenue opportunities to installs– With Value-Added Services such as the opportunity to deploy a search engine with installations, earn additional revenue for your organization

Maximize team efficiencies—With support for InstallShield Collaboration, a plug-in for the Visual Studio development environment

File sizes:78.1mb x 1 and 76.3mb
Extracted Size:154mb
Format: exe


Note: This is the Original Installer MSI, I have Intergrated the Cracked "ISUIServices.dll" Meaning that when you install this you will not get Prompted to Enter a Serial & there is no file to Copy & Overwrite, Also after Installing has finished Open Installshield Then click the Help & About & Click on the Upgrade to Premier Ignore the Screens that come up & Exit Installshield when you start up Installshield everytime from now on it will be the Premier Version.

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